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When I saw you, I thought you were the most ugly thing I've ever seen in my life. He searched the room for the lost key. His wife had him wrapped around her little finger. Tolerant became very angry. You don't have to leave me hanging like this. Why don't you just come out and tell it to me straight?

That would be one theory. Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks. The defense attorney immediately objected. The FBI was an active partner in the investigation. Last night, I fell asleep while talking with Cliff on the phone.

She used her husband's credit card. I can't decide unless you tell me your plan.

My problem is other people know you're the one who's paying my bills.

Add more salt to the soup. A working man should be paid in proportion to his skill, not his age. We just talked about stuff we did when we were kids. Happy are those who love flowers. That's just absurd. That's what I was about to say. They all congratulated him. One out of three persons in this city has his own car.

Carole loves you as much as I do. Rob took the money off the table. I don't want to marry him. Their first fall there was a trial for them. It's all your fault.

This is a medical emergency. Lyndon was my younger brother's roommate in college. What do you want to tell me? Nothing is going to happen. I wish I knew where Jurevis was. I don't really want to think about it.

Her child was snatched away from her. I would have gladly gone abroad during high school, but my parents didn't want me to. The results were negative. They're both gone.

My aunt died of leukemia. Lester is in better shape than I thought. Everett speaks excellent Russian, but his German is abysmal. You're free to leave. They look healthy. "If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it at any time." "Could I get that in writing?"

I apologize for it. This is a beaver dam. There is still much more to be done. The government took our land. He was fined five pounds for drunken driving. Colin sliced the apple. I love practical jokes.